I am Paula. Not Ellie as many seem to believe. Ellie is my daughter and the name Two Ellie is a sort of ode to her. My family inspires me. I am pretty smitten with them I must say. 

I started Two Ellie in 2008. I recommend not going all the way back. The photos were tiny and I was still trying to figure out the whole blogging thing. It began as a stay at home moms need for another creative outlet. I was inspired by a few design blogs I had seen and decided this is something I could do at home. Well, since then the blog has grown and opened up new opportunities. I have met fabulous people, have dabbled in decorating work, and got published. I can't wait to see where it takes me next!

A growing list of questions...

What camera do you use?

The Mr. and I both shoot with a Nikon D700. Our favorites lenses are the 50mm 1.4 and I do home shots with the 24-70. We are also photographers that specialize in weddings as a side job. He is the Creative Pastor at Church of the Highlands

At times iphone photos are now used.

How did the Mr. and I meet?

We met at the end of 2003 in a college leader small group at the church. I was finishing up college and Kellen was on staff at the church. Our interest in each other was sparked over playing spades. We dominated everyone. We were just friends. December 22 a student and dear friend of Kellen's was tragically killed in a car accident at the age of 19. You could say that we both realized life can be much too short. New Years Eve Kellen asked if we could become exclusive. Both of us had stayed out of the dating scene for quite some time. Me for 2 years, he for much longer. Casual dating was not in my vocabulary any longer. I had no idea he felt that way about me and threw me for a loop. I didn't hesitate with a YES though. He was amazing in every way. Fast forward to March and we got engaged in Colorado Springs where I met his family for the first time, again it was out of the blue. We were then married in July here in Birmingham. So we were together for all of 6 months. Is this for everyone, no, but it worked beautifully for us. He continues to surprise me.

What influences your passions for all things design related (fashion, home, photography)?
I believe God can give us great passions mine happens to be finding beauty in life. This is made easier with my family and friends. They are the ones that inspire me daily. Now with blogging it is the readers that take it to a whole new level. I suppose it's because we all share the same passions. In daily life my children's art, magazines, blogs, stores, food, gardens and weddings keep my eye fresh and always looking for the beauty within it all.

Would you like to have more kids one day?

We have two beautiful children and we are grateful for that. I currently can not have any more children easily. My body is done and I have accepted that. 

My question is how do you balance all that you do?

I don't. Ha. I strive with order and routine. I try to keep this in check daily.  for example, our home is always within 10 minutes of being visitor ready. Granted some days Ellie & KJ have to work a little faster. I do have a cleaning lady every other week and this is a TREMENDOUS help. I try to stay organized and this year I have decided to take it to a whole new level. Being a stay at home with one child in school also gives me the time to do more. I by no means have it all together, I try to be real on the blog, but I have my days that I am a complete mess and can't get it together. You don't hear about it, because I have already pre-posted. I am blessed to have God and a supportive family. It also helps that I accepted that I am not a superhero.